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Light up the Dark Days with Professional Christmas Lights

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Seasonal depression is something that affects 4 to 6 percent of the population in the United States. Around 10 percent of the population has a less serious degree of this illness. Seasonal depression is the onset of moodiness and sadness during the winter months. Obviously this tends to be a bit more present more north in the country, where the effects of winter are more prevalent. It is also more common in women than in men.

So how does this tie into professional Christmas lights? Well one main solution that accompanies seasonal depression is an exposure to light — also known as light therapy. Of course there are other potential treatments plans such as medication or behavior therapy that a doctor may offer you, but this is the easiest at home remedy. Sitting in front of what they call a “light box” for about a half hour a day could make all the difference in your mood. You’d be surprised! But what other ways can you light up the area around you — how about professional Christmas lights!

120 Days of Christmas

There are no set rules about when professional Christmas lights can be up and lit, so why not just extend the usual timeframe a bit. In fact, some people like to refer to this idea as the 120 days of Christmas! Let’s make the Christmas season last a bit longer and start it in November and extend it through February. It’s hard to deny the fact that coming home seeing the inside and outside of your home lit up, isn’t just a bit more comforting and welcoming than if it were dark.

professional Christmas lights

Sufferers of seasonal depression can usually handle November and December better than than the other winter months. There are holidays to look forward to and to keep their minds busy, but post New Year’s, moods can often head downhill fast. So keeping professional Christmas lights lit not only adds to the light therapy method, but also maintains a certain energy that has been present in previous months. Keeping Christmas lights up may encourage you to keep having family and friends over just as often as during the holiday season. It’ll help remind you of the positives of that time and what can still be maintained.

The Right Lights

A main concern that comes up when thinking about Christmas lights for 120 days is the environmental effects. How can society so adamantly push for saving energy, and then suggest something as ludicrous as leaving lights on for four months! Well, luckily society has also advanced in its light technology.  When choosing the best professional Christmas lights, choose LED lights. They are super environmentally friendly because they contain zero mercury. LED lights also pose zero threat when it comes to disposing of them, and reduce a carbon footprint upon use. Not to mention, LED lights also use a third of the energy that regular light bulbs use, allowing you to save energy and money when it comes to keeping the lights on during the dark days. LED lights even promise to last ten times longer than traditional light bulbs — also saving you money on a new string of lights year after year. And if you plan on using these lights longer than just the month of December, this is even more important.

professional Christmas lights

So remember when you look around your house at the professional Christmas lights, that they don’t have to come down as soon as Christmas is over. Keep them up an extra month or two and continue the joy of the holiday season. Give us a call at Amazing Decorations and a professional will help you pick out and install the best Christmas lights for your home or office.