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Holiday Party Christmas Decor

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You’ve decided you want to throw a party this year. And not just any party. A Christmas party. And you want to start planning it now. Neighbors and various family members are always taking their turns throwing holiday celebrations, and it’s time you did your part. But you want this to be a party they will always remember; you want to transform your home into a true winter wonderland.

Outside Lighting & Decor: Winter Wonderland

You want your guests to be wowed from the time they even pull onto your street. Aiming for class, but also individuality is a hard balance, but with the right decorations and consistent color scheme, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to turn heads. Mastering the outside lighting of your Christmas decor may require some professional assistance. This will give it a finished, more organized look.

Perhaps you want the outside of your house to have a North Pole look, something with blue and white lights and a few snowflake decorations scattered around the yard and the windows. It’s good to keep the color scheme simple and easy on the eyes.

And if it doesn’t happen to be snowing yet, you can even decorate the yard with a light sprinkling of a white dust, to give your yard that special glow it needs to be in the Christmas spirit for your party. Some hosts may want to add a reindeer or two, or other figurines to their front yard. The addition of decor like this depends on your audience. If you are contemplating inviting entire families to your holiday party, it may be who of you to include some Christmas characters on your lawn for kids to enjoy. But if it’s strictly an adult party, fancy lighting is enough to catch their attention and appreciate your hard work.

Christmas decor

Inside Lighting & Decor: Santa’s Workshop

Now as the guests begin to file into your holiday party, you want them to feel welcomed and you want the scene to be set. Your interior Christmas decor must be top notch. Perhaps you want to give the inside of your home a little bit of a Santa’s workshop feel. Different toys could be scattered around the room, maybe as the host of the party you could even rock some elf ears. Another theme could be Christmas around the world, and each room of your house could exemplify the Christmas culture of a different country. Give your guests plenty of warning on their invitations if you want them to dress up too!

Whatever theme you choose, it’s important to add the right Christmas decor to make the inside of your house pop! Lights are important, but decorations like candy canes, tinsel, and mistletoe are great additions as well. And don’t forget that the right holiday music and the right food are essentials in complementing your Christmas decor. Creating a pleasant, holiday filled ambiance in your home will give your guests a party they’ll always remember.

To top off your holiday party, the centerpiece of the Christmas decor must be thoroughly planned and executed: the tree! What would Christmas be without a beautiful, magical tree to light up the living room and bring cheer to all your guests? Sometimes our personal tree decorations we collect over the years can become a little disorganized and incongruent, so it may be wise to invest in some matching ornaments to keep the room looking classy and party ready.


It may feel a bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but now is the time. Holidays can be super hectic organizing family time and holiday shopping, and it’s good to start planning at least an outline of themes and decorations for your holiday party. Contact us today for any of your Christmas decor needs!